Oil of Olay Regenerist Reviews of the Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion Kit

5 stars

Pros: Wonderful.  Resurfaces my skin for instant gratification.
Cons: Not like the professional treatments in my opinion.

I used so many at home contraptions that are suppose to be like the oil of olay microdermabrasion.  I have also gone to my skin doctor (dermatologist) to have these treatments done.  Since it first came out on the market 4 years ago, I have been pleased and quit impressed with the Olay Regenerist products and have tried most of the line they offer.  From a drug store like Walgreens, this is a wonderful product which really fulfills most of their promises.   I used the really expensive skin care too like Chanel, Shiseido, Estee and more.  Oil of Olay products seem just as good to me as the higher priced skin care.

I was anxious to use the Oil of Olay Microdermabrasion when I first saw it advertised in my favorite magazine.  My skin type is normal to a bit oily but I don’t deal with other skin issues like acne.  Once in awhile my skin gets a little sensitive.  I was thrilled to see Oil of Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion at my local drug store.

This Olay Regenerist Kit is a 2 step process:  Step #1: Wash and remove all make-up from your face.  You don’t want to massage make-up into your skin.  Step #2:  The fresh orange fragrance micro gel.  The Oil Olay micro gel crystals was applied to my skin and then I massaged it gently with a circle type motion all over my face and neck avoiding the sensitive eye area of course.   Step #3:  Pat your face gently with a towel and then I then massage the derma crystals gel into my face.  The directions on the Oil of Olay Regenerist says to use a quarter size dollop.  I felt that was the correct amount too.   To be frugal, I have also used a smaller amount and that seemed to work just as well.  For less than a minute (45 seconds or so), gently massage into your clean face and neck.  If you feel you need a more agressive treatment, go longer, just be cautious the first few times until you see how your skin reacts to this particular Oil of Olay product.  I like to do this proceed for around 2 minutes to be sure all the derma crystals are evenly distributed all over my complexion to get a really smooth polish feel and look.  LOVE IT!

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